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Pastor and Heather

Senior Pastor–John K. LaShell

Dr. La Shell was born in 1947. He came to Grace Community in 1994 after pastorates in Wisconsin, Montana, and Western Pennsylvania.

He and his wife, Heather, were married in 1968. She worked as a registered nurse before retiring in 2014. Heather says she is a foreign missionary to the United States because she was born in Toronto, Canada. They have two children, both of whom are married and following the Lord. Four grandchildren bring a great deal of joy to their lives. More about Pastor LaShell may be found at Pastor’s Page.




Associate Pastor–John T. Everettjohn-renee-copy

Rev. Everett came to Grace Community in December 2001 as our youth pastor. His wife’s name is Renee, and they have four children and one grandchild. Renee works part-time at the Farmers’ Market in Allentown.

Pastor Everett and Renee were involved in several successful youth ministries before he came to Grace Community. In October 2014, after leaving a full-time job at PPL, he took on added responsibilities at the church and became our Associate Pastor.

More about Pastor Everett may be found at Associate Pastor.