Introduction to Youth Group

Core Values

The Word of God is our final authority

Prayer is Essential

Parents & Teens are more important than programs

Teens are a Part of the Church of Today


Programming for Teens that Encourages & Expects Teens To trust and obey Jesus Christ

Mission Statement
To Glorify God our Father by leading teens of the Lehigh Valley to trust and obey Jesus Christ.



  • Winter: Lack of Snow Retreat at Landis Cabin
  • Two or three times per year: Retreat within a Retreat at Pinebrook
  • Summer: Shore Trip
  • Summer Missions Trip
  • Fall: Weekend in the Word
  • One or two other activities per month

We Meet on Sundays for Church Service at 9:30-11:00 & Sunday School at 11:10-12:00 and on Wednesdays for Youth Group 6:45-8:00.

The youth staff is headed up by our Youth Pastor, John, phone (610) 395-9580. Other youth workers include: Renee Everett (Pastor John’s wife), Steve Everett, Ken Rohrbach, Jason and Jennifer Ott, and Kate Everrett.

Youth Group Work Retreat at CMTS July 14th-21st

Retreat Information

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