The preaching at Grace Community Church is saturated with Scripture because we believe that the Bible alone is God’s inerrant, inspired message to mankind. The Bible teaches us what we need in order to know God and to understand ourselves. The truths of Scripture are both necessary and sufficient for living in a manner pleasing to God.

Bible and Cross


The preaching at Grace is not only Bible-saturated; it is also Christ-centered. Jesus Christ–both His person and His saving work–is the theme of the Bible. The Old Testament looks forward to His coming. The New Testament looks back at His ministry, His crucifixion, and His resurrection; it also looks forward to His second coming. No matter what our text may be on a given Sunday, we preach Christ in all the fullness of His self-revelation.

In October 2014, our Pastor, Dr. John K. LaShell, stepped down from preaching every Sunday. He now preaches about three times per month. His sermons may be accessed here: Pastor LaShell’s Sermons.

Beginning in October 2014, our Associate Pastor, Rev. John T. Everett, began preaching about one time per month. His current series is from the book of Philippians. His sermons may be accessed here: Pastor Everett’s Sermons