Standards of Conduct

In an effort to appear non-judgmental, modern religion often ignores God’s rules for life.  These rules are not meant to make us miserable.  Rather they are necessary in order for us to be happy and fulfilled.  The Standards of Conduct and Church Covenant printed below do not give an adequate picture of God’s wonderful design for our lives.  The standards are largely negative because they address rebellious actions that are tearing people’s lives apart. 

Although we have high ethical standards for our members, we welcome people who are overwhelmed by the power of sin. We are very much aware of our own unworthiness in the sight of a holy God, and we are grateful that He has accepted us. If you are having trouble in your marriage or are struggling with sexual purity or drug abuse (as some of us have), we want you to come. The Lord Jesus Christ offers forgiveness for your sins and a new kind of life.


As a church of Jesus Christ living under His authority, we believe that our conduct must be regulated by the standards of His word. Since the biblical standards of conduct are widely ignored both by society in general and by much of the Christian church, we wish to speak clearly on the following issues. Members must promise to abstain from the following offenses, which are sufficient causes for dismissal from church employment and for disciplinary action of members:

  1. Sexual relations outside the bounds of marriage between one man and one woman *
  2. Abortion unless the mother’s physical life is clearly endangered by continuing the pregnancy;
  3. Abusive treatment of family members that seriously threatens their continued well-being;
  4. Divorce except on the grounds of adultery, clear physical endangerment of family members, or actual (not psychological) desertion;
  5. Public teaching that contradicts the Church’s Statement of Faith or Standards of Conduct;
  6. Drug or alcohol abuse;
  7. Creating dissension within the Church;
  8. Other serious breaches of doctrine or conduct contrary to Scripture.

* A man is a person who was born male and continues to be male; a woman is a person who was born female and continues to be female. (Questions regarding doctrines and conduct, which are not mentioned in these bylaws, will be determined by a three-quarters (3/4) majority of the Board of the Church.)


Each applicant for membership in the Church shall sign the following covenant.

Because I love the Lord Jesus Christ and because I count it a privilege and a duty to be united to His people, I promise before God that I will support this Church by:

  1. Abiding by its Standards of Conduct;
  2. Studying the word of God;
  3. Praying for the Church and its members;
  4. Attending its services;
  5. Serving the Lord and the Church according to the abilities God has given me;
  6. Endeavoring to live in such a way that the honor of God’s name and the reputation of the Church will be upheld;
  7. Submitting to its discipline;
  8. Financially supporting its ministries as the Lord prospers me.